How Should You Help Kids Prepare For Testing?

Looking to Mahwah parents for advice

While many kids already have summer vacation on their minds, most have a pile of important tests to wade through before reaching relaxation, swimming pools, camp or summer jobs.

Whether kids are taking the NJ ASK at JK or the Ridge, or preparing for SATs and class finals at the High School, testing is important this time of the year.

How do you help your kids prepare? How involved should you be with the study routine? Are classes outside of school necessary? 

Patricia Patella May 11, 2011 at 05:06 PM
Test is the worst word in the English language in my house. No one wants to study for them. Even after they do, they are still nervous about them. The students are prepped for the NJ ASK at school. At that age that is sufficient prep. I tell them to do their best and not to worry. The SAT's will deserve an outside prep course as well as any major testing thereafter. Starting to prep too early can lead to burnout, so I would only have my children start a few weeks before. Tricia Patella Mom's Council


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