Moms Talk: Price of a Tooth

What's the going rate for a tooth nowadays?

My 5 1/2-year-old showed up at lunch proudly wiggling his first loose tooth! My first thought was "EWWW!" My second "Oh no! I hope I don't have to pull it out!" And then finally a few minutes later, while listening to Ben yammering on and on to his little brother about how the tooth fairy was going to come and visit him and give him money for Legos, I came around to "Uh-oh. I have no idea how much a tooth goes for nowadays!"

The price of the first tooth is important. It sets the standard by which all 19 other teeth will get paid. I asked my parents. They told me that they gave me a quarter for my first tooth. Okay. That was no help. So I turn to you readers. How much do you pay for teeth? Do you differentiate? Molars get more? Do you do something different than money? Do you have conditions associated with the money from the tooth fairy? Half for college, half to charity, etc.?

Patricia Patella July 13, 2011 at 06:34 PM
We keep it simple, one dollar a tooth. The kids are thrilled when they find that dollar and come running through the house showing everyone. On one occasion, I wasn't prepared for the loose tooth to come out and was caught without a dollar, so my lucky child received $5.00 from the tooth fairy that night. Of course, I had to make sure my other child got $5.00 when he lost his next tooth. The kids can do whatever they want with their saved up tooth fairy money. Usually they like to visit Five Below because they can find something to fit their price range. Funny how kids think about things like the tooth fairy. The one burning question they always ask is, "What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?" Good Question. I tell them it's a mystery, even a parent doesn't know. Tricia Patella Mom's Council
Suzanne Curry July 13, 2011 at 07:15 PM
Oooh, I have to go back sometime to remember this one as my kids are both teenagers. I remember that I gave one dollar per tooth. What I remember more, is that in the midst of a busy day and night, that putting the money under the pillow was not #1 on my list although it was #1 foremost in the minds of my children. Therefore, I do remember a few mornings hearing their screeches of not finding the money, and then hurriedly grabbing a dollar bill, hiding it in my hand, and helping them look under the bed for it where it magically appeared. I do have a tip. If you have multiple children and like to save teeth, label a jar or container after the first tooth and conscientiously put them in immediately. You may think you'll remember whose is whose and where you put it but believe me, all teeth look alike! Just ask me about the the bag of teeth in my nightstand. – Suzanne Curry, Writing as a Member of the Mom’s Council


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