Should Kids Get Caught Up In Dance Festivities?

Looking to Mahwah parents for advice

Ramapo Ridge's eighth grade dance is this Friday. Is it OK for kids to get caught up in dance festivities - dresses and tuxes, hair, nails, make-up, etc.?  Is it a chance for them to indulge and have fun, or an excuse for them to focus on looks and how much money their peers can spend? Have you talked to your kids about this issue?

Mom's Council Member Lauren Rosen says, "Yes, it is ok to get caught up in the excitement of the dance festivities. These dances are supposed to be “special occasions” and many students have as much fun planning for them as they do attending the actual event. The photo opportunities are wonderful for parents and keep sakes for kids for years to come. But the key question is, “How much is too much?”
In my opinion, less is more. The indulgence factor should be age appropriate. Eighth grade boys and girls are youthful and should look and feel that way. There is no need for these kids to look way beyond their years.
As my daughters prepared for their 8th grade dance several years ago, I lived by the “simple but elegant” rule. Now, when we look back at pictures, they appreciate the sentiment. Yes, they did get their nails done and wore a bit of make-up, but they did their own hair and wore dresses that fit their youthful style.
As for my son, he wore a nice pair of slacks, a button down shirt with a tee shirt underneath. He DID get his hair done...I mean cut, which was a big concession on his part and he traded in his sneakers for a real pair of shoes. No tux needed or wanted. The haircut and the shoes were more than he could handle for the occasion :)
So, I hope everyone that is going to the dance feels comfortable and appropriate and has a wonderful time. I will be there and look forward to seeing the 8th grade students enjoying this well deserved and much anticipated occasion."

Do you agree?

Patricia Patella June 08, 2011 at 05:14 PM
Most girls like to get dressed up in girly girl dresses and put on makeup. They don't often get the chance to do so. So I think the end of the year 8th grade dance is a wonderful opportunity for them to indulge in all the fun of hair, nails, makeup. And of course theres the dress. Im all for a beautiful dress but not a dress that breaks the bank. The reality is they probaly wont wear that dress agian the dance is suppoued to be about getting togwther with friends and having fun. Its not a contest about who can spend more. We all want beautiful things for our daughters but they dont always have to be expensive things. The goal is not to teach them to be materialistic but to learn to enjoy the special opportunities in our lives. Tricia Patella Mom's Council
Suzanne Curry June 09, 2011 at 02:05 PM
In Mahwah the 8th grade dance is a right of passage. It is very different from the other dances at the Ridge and I think it's a great experience for them all. I have boys so rather than anticipation and excitement about what to wear it's more about searching the closets to see if they have anything that still fits them so I don't have to make a trip to Kohl's with them! This year my son got invited to a "picture party" beforehand, which I think just adds to the excitement of the dance, and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is wearing and how much the children have all grown since they entered the Ridge. I think it is a great night for the kids and sadly, and end to an era. They are off to high school, a different world. Lastly, a thanks to all the volunteer parents and teachers and the Ridge HSO who put in their time to make the dance and all the 8th grade festivities a wonderful memories for out kids. - Suzanne Curry, writing as a member of the Mom's Council.


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