Haz-mat Team Called to Lehigh Valley Hospital

A woman who may have been exposed to a hazardous material walked into LVH's emergency room Thursday, triggering a response from a haz-mat team, police and firefighters.

A hazardous materials team, and rushed to Thursday afternoon for reports of a potentially hazardous material inside the trunk of a woman's car, according to Salisbury Township Police Chief Allen Stiles.

Stiles said a woman walked into the emergency room complaining of symptoms possibly related to exposure to a hazardous substance. The woman said she had brought the potentially hazardous material to the hospital in the trunk of her car.

A doctor confirmed the woman's symptoms may be related to a hazardous substance and notified Lehigh County of the possible exposure, Stiles said.

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The substance has not been identified. "We are waiting for analysis of the unknown substances," said Stiles, who expected to get confirmation Friday.

"No one else was injured or exposed," he said.

Stiles said he was unable to provide more information because it is an ongoing investigation.


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