Salisbury Police Snag 42 Aggressive Drivers

Salisbury Township Police Department recently targeted unsafe driving near Lehigh Valley Hospital on S. Cedar Crest Boulevard.

The recently targeted unsafe driving near on S. Cedar Crest Boulevard.

The department, operating under a special grant, conducted an aggressive driving operation between July 9 and Aug. 16 that focused on drivers who speed, run red lights and make illegal passes, according to Officer Bryan Losagio.

A total of 52 vehicles were stopped, 42 citations were issued and one vehicle was impounded because it had no insurance and the driver operated with a suspended license, he said.

With the help of a second grant, Salisbury police are currently conducting another aggressive driving operation in the same area.

Carl W September 05, 2012 at 05:24 AM
"Aggressive driving" is insane, and getting well out of control. Thank you, S. P. D, and people, watch yourselves. STOP signs mean STOP. It's not a suggestion! Right-on-red is a privilege (not a right) if clear & desired, but you still come to FULL STOP, first!!! Speed limits are LIMITS, not options!! Tailgating in PA. is if you are within 4 SECONDS of vehicle in front of you. (Police, please arrest more tailgaters). Accidents hurt all.


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