AG's Report: Corbett Didn't Delay Sandusky Probe

Corbett's office received the case in 2009. Sandusky wasn't arrested until November 2011.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has completed her investigation into whether or not Gov. Tom Corbett dragged his heels when investigating Jerry Sandusky -- she says he didn't.

Kane's report is not yet public, but The Philadelphia Inquirer spoke with three people who had read the document

Kane commissioned the report in January 2013 amid allegations that Corbett, who was the state's attorney general when Sandusky's crimes came to light, sat on the truth to improve his changes at a gubernatorial run. 

Corbett's office received the case in 2009. Sandusky wasn't arrested until November 2011.

Corbett ran for governor in 2010. There had been speculation that Corbett timed the investigation so that the case wouldn't break before his gubernatorial run.

The report, which still must be approved for release by a grand jury judge, found that Corbett did not tank the investigation for political reasons, The Inquirer said. 

Sandusky, a former assistant coach at Penn State, was convicted in June 2012 of 45 out of 48 counts of child sexual abuse, and is serving 30 to 60 years in state prison.
KAR June 09, 2014 at 08:03 AM
He was helping jerry.
Annie G June 09, 2014 at 02:05 PM
Another poorly written article leaving many questions. The topic was worthy of an article but the info was incomplete. Did the Inquirer use the word "tanked?" If so, use quotes. If not, use better grammar. Who triggered the "speculation." What data was used to determine he did not cause delays??? I probably should unsubscribe rather than expect more.
Jeff W June 09, 2014 at 06:53 PM
So Kane spends 17 months on this witch hunt and turns up NOTHING, yet refuses to prosecute Philadelphia politicians who are accepting bribes on tape? What a political hack. Disgusting.


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