Emmaus Dem Answers Rumors About 134th State House Bid

Emmaus Borough Councilman Wesley Barrett says that he is flattered to be talked about as a potential Democratic contender in the 134th District, but calls those conversations "nothing more than rumor."

An Emmaus Borough Councilman says the rumors that he has been approached by the Democratic Party to run for the 134th Congressional seat in the November general election are just that  – rumors.

Wesley Barrett, who in addition to sitting on runs several Emmaus-based businesses under the company name Wesley Works, Inc., says he is appreciative that he is being talked about as the potential Democratic contender in the 134th race against in the fall.

"I'm flattered that my name continually comes up in discussion about ,” Barrett wrote in an email statement to Emmaus Patch, “but it is nothing more than rumor. I have two babies at home, multiple rapidly growing businesses, and already have substantial time commitments to the Borough of Emmaus as a Councilman and other boards and committees I sit on.

“However for the sake of conversation,” Barrett wrote, “it would be a great race and probably the most ‘youthful’ in the state. The business/community man vs. the perceived political spot filler."

The Democratic slot on the November ballot became open about three weeks ago when Lower Macungie Democrat pulled out of the race in the 134th District, citing personal and professional issues. Slattery lost a bid for that same seat against Mackenzie during a May special election called to see who would complete the unexpired term of . Reichley left state politics to .

The Democratic Party has until August 7 to name a candidate to oppose Mackenzie. Otherwise, the Republican will run an uncontested race.

careless fills July 27, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Don't you love how some politicians hide behind the word "perceived", "some", and the anonymous passive voice? BTW, I'm not one - I just value my privacy.
JR July 28, 2012 at 01:01 AM
thesilentmajority July 28, 2012 at 04:13 AM
If Patch cuts out “anonymous sniping” then they should also be cutting out fully disclosed sniping as well. HECK, WHILE THEY ARE AT IT WHY DON'T THEY ALSO CUT OUT ALL COMMENTS DONE IN ALL CAPS!!(THAT ONE WAS FOR DARYL N.) Just remember to be careful what you ask for. I can't believe how many choose to disclose their full identities on these forums, especially when their emotional comments tend to get the best of them. So go ahead, fully disclose yourself and comment away. I do enjoy following the comments made here by our local elected supervisors, board members, business owners and such. So please keep the fully disclosed comments coming......for the “rest of us”.
Interested Observer July 30, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Mr. DeVault -- a. I don't think I had "the most to say about everything - and everyone." I made one, short point. Perhaps you missed it: the Dem Party just played a bait-and-switch on the people of this district by dumping a three-time failed candidate for someone new. b. I read it. The "perceived" is just typical political language to make sure they don't get sued for libel. He said it, not me. c. It's a "poll" not a "pole" - I guess that makes it even more unscientific.
optimist July 30, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Looks like some people are still a little upset at the last election cycle when Slattery helped get a bunch of good candidates get elected including Mr. Devault.


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