Goose Poop Problem at Laubach Park Has Improved

Fewer geese and therefore fewer droppings have been spotted at Laubach Park.

Problems with too many geese, and in turn, excess amounts of geese feces, have plagued over the past few years.

But Salisbury Township residents will be happy to know there's good news. The township's treatment to make the geese leave is working, said Commissioner Robert Martucci Jr.

"They're doing a great job," Martucci told the at the June 14 board meeting. "We've seen very few geese."

Martucci said part of the treatment consists of oiling the goose eggs during the nesting season to prevent more geese from being born. The oil prevents airflow to the egg so that it never develops.

In addition, Martucci said when the geese are molting, township workers "harass" them in hopes they will leave the park. If that does not work, the geese are captured and taken to a farm.

The commissioners approved the transfer of money budgeted for park structures to park maintenence to pay for the fourth treatment.

Township Manager Randy Soriano stressed that no new money is needed for the treatment.

Martucci explained that keeping up with the treatment is saving the township money.

" If we continue with the program the way it is designed, we will get better pricing," he said. "If we keep it in check, it costs less. If we let it lapse we will have to spend $10,000 instead of $4,000."


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