Lindberg Park Improvement Plan Gets Green Light

Lindberg Park's improvement plan was in jeopardy because Lehigh County officials stalled approval of a $160,000 Green Future Fund grant.

The Lindberg Park improvement plan will be able to proceed now that Lehigh County commissioners finally agreed to release a $160,000 grant from the long-stalled Green Future Fund.

Salisbury Township officials were frustrated because the county had promised the money, which they need in order to apply for additional money from the state's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The county money sets in motion Salisbury's plan to pursue the first phase of a $2 million project to improve Lindberg Park over 10 years. The first phase is expected to cost $341,000 and includes which will connect to a trail to the Little Lehigh Parkway, native plant buffer and a chainlink fence installed along the ballfield.

"We fought hard to get money for the Green Future Grant," said Township Manager Randy Soriano.

The trail could be finished in 2014, Soriano said.

The improvements to the 40-year-old park would be phased in over time and include:

  • a 3/4-mile-long bituminous walking trail around the perimeter of the park.
  • cross-walks
  • natural buffers and fencing
  • improvements to the baseball field, including a new backstop, bullpen, batting cages and a storage shed
  • renovated pavilion and restrooms
  • multi-purpose lawn area
  • secondary pathways, vegetated swales and rain gardens
  • resting pads and benches along pathways
  • nature playground
  • a dedicated bike lane on the north side of Lindberg Avenue
  • new signs and kiosks
  • natural elements that include more native plants and the eradication of invasive species
  • a drop-off area in the parking lot
  • tranquility garden
  • pickleball courts

The remaining 10 phases could cost about $100,000 each and take about two years per project, according to URDC landscape architects Joanne Conley and Len Policelli, who unveiled the design at a public meeting in December.

Carl W February 12, 2013 at 01:32 AM
Franco Park was beautiful, then spolied by tennis courts & (Baseball ?) put in. NOW the same for Lindberg? Overbuilding, overcrowding ! I applauded the preservation of former school district area along Emaus Ave, however, what's wrong with the great feel of acres of park grass @ Lindberg & Franco? Recent years, I noticed the INCREDIBLE overcrowding of the once-beautiful western Salisbury. Now, behind Swain school, the trees are dropped, and a bunch of ugly homes dug in. Between the Fire Company & Lindberg Park, a crowded mess of twisty roads, and bunched-together homes, followed by the Hospital center felling 100 + yr.-old trees, desite STRONG protests from Salisbury & Lower Macungie residents. Allentonians, & others from the region expressed the same strong feelings. What do we have against nature, & farms? More construction, maybe more jobs, attracting more people from outside, needing more houses. Then, of course, traffic, wider roads, and more OF them! Are we really happier? I hate it !!
Carl W February 12, 2013 at 01:34 AM
Thanks for supporting hockey rink. Now, build more bldgs.in Allentown, and try to keep what's left of the Twsp. beautiful !


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