Pa. Dems Fault Corbett for 'Misplaced Priorities'

Democrats say Gov. Tom Corbett's budget is built on misplaced priorities

Philadelphia, PA - Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn released the following statement on Gov. Corbett's budget address and misplaced priorities.

"Over the past two years, Gov. Tom Corbett's budgets have devastated families in Pennsylvania. His budgets have passed the buck to local communities that have been forced to raise property taxes. His budgets have forced layoffs at schools. His budgets have increased tuition and cut programs at colleges. His budgets have forced cuts to county health services that provide assistance to the elderly and those with disabilities.

This budget is simply more of the same misplaced priorities that have made things more difficult for Pennsylvania. Under Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania has dropped from 7 to 34 in job growth while seeing increases in property taxes and tuition. It does little to address funding shortfalls in education, especially as schools continue to hurt from the cuts Gov. Corbett imposed over the past two years.

Furthermore, Tom Corbett once again has made it more difficult for thousands of Pennsylvanians to get health insurance by rejecting Medicaid funding. Just like when he ended adultBasic, Tom Corbett has once again decided to hurt the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians."


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