PATCH PRESENTS: Real-Time Results for Solehi Elections

We're live at the polling locations and ready to bring you the numbers as they happen.

And here they are, as they happen. As each polling station closes, we will put Poll Closed next to the station. As the actual numbers come in, we will post votes counted for each candidate next to their name. We will not post percentages until they are certified by the county.

REMINDER: These numbers are UNOFFICIAL numbers until certified by the county.


Coopersburg Borough Council (Write-In Candidates)

No result, no one elected

Southern Lehigh School District


60-Jim Grabusky

87-Jeffrey Dimmig

58-William Lycett

74-James C Lindsay, Jr.

77-John Quigley

69-Corinne A. Gunkle

54-William Miracle


65-Corinne A. Gunkle

53-William Lycett

59-James C Lindsay, Jr.

32-Jeffrey Dimmig

36-John Quigley

45-Jim Grabusky

52-William Miracle


Lower Milford

(six-year term, in ballot order)

230-Theodore Zapach

403-Donna Wright

(two-year term, in ballot order)

254-Jeff Tapler

382-Mike Snovitch

Southern Lehigh School District


217-Jim Grabusky

393-Jeffrey Dimmig

187-William Lycett

215-James C Lindsay, Jr.

404-John Quigley

207-Corinne A. Gunkle

173-William Miracle


108-Corinne A. Gunkle

71-William Lycett

83-James C Lindsay, Jr.

118-Jeffrey Dimmig

123-John Quigley

79-Jim Grabusky

85-William Miracle


Upper Saucon

1st District-

Upper Saucon Board of Supervisors

102-Dennis Benner

62-Bruce F. Carstensen

110-Patrick M. Leonard

Southern Lehigh School District


100-Jim Grabusky

108-Jeffrey Dimmig

107-William Lycett

93-James C Lindsay, Jr.

104-John Quigley

117-Corinne A. Gunkle

78-William Miracle


86-Corinne A. Gunkle

65-William Lycett

61-James C Lindsay, Jr.

50-Jeffrey Dimmig

47-John Quigley

72-Jim Grabusky

62-William Miracle


2nd District-

Upper Saucon Board of Supervisors

80-Dennis Benner

43-Bruce F. Carstensen

75-Patrick M. Leonard

Southern Lehigh School District


65-Jim Grabusky

81-Jeffrey Dimmig

57-William Lycett

63-James C Lindsay, Jr.

60-John Quigley

73-Corinne A. Gunkle

53-William Miracle


59-Corinne A. Gunkle

50-William Lycett

43-James C Lindsay, Jr.

54-Jeffrey Dimmig

49-John Quigley

46-Jim Grabusky

31-William Miracle


3rd District-

Upper Saucon Board of Supervisors

150-Dennis Benner

94-Bruce F. Carstensen

172-Patrick M. Leonard

Southern Lehigh School District


160-Jim Grabusky (tie)

179-Jeffrey Dimmig

188-William Lycett

165-James C Lindsay, Jr.

160-John Quigley (tie)

185-Corinne A. Gunkle

129-William Miracle


131-Corinne A. Gunkle

107-William Lycett

109-James C Lindsay, Jr.

82-Jeffrey Dimmig

79-John Quigley

108-Jim Grabusky

110-William Miracle


4th District-

Upper Saucon Board of Supervisors

147-Dennis Benner

101-Bruce F. Carstensen

179-Patrick M. Leonard

Southern Lehigh School District


125-Jim Grabusky

193-Jeffrey Dimmig

151-William Lycett

132-James C Lindsay, Jr.

184-John Quigley

177-Corinne A. Gunkle

105-William Miracle


115-Corinne A. Gunkle

91-William Lycett

82-James C Lindsay, Jr.

69-Jeffrey Dimmig

60-John Quigley

88-Jim Grabusky

64-William Miracle

Elizabeth Rich May 18, 2011 at 02:45 AM
Thanks! Whoever said local politics isn't exciting wasn't working on election night!!
Walt Tremer May 18, 2011 at 03:09 AM
Who needs the announcers at Monday Night Football or the track caller at the Kentucky Derby! We have our own great Elizabeth at voting central! Great job, Elizabeth!!!
Elizabeth Rich May 18, 2011 at 03:37 AM
Awwww Walt, you flatter me. Thanks!
Mom May 18, 2011 at 04:16 AM
Thanks Elizabeth for all of your hard work! It was a pleasure to meet you today! (You probably meet a zillion!) Elections are like the Superbowl for me! Great coverage. I'm so glad that people have a place to go to get informed about their local community!
Limeport Resident May 18, 2011 at 04:47 AM
Elizabeth -- I cannot remember when Patch was not a part of our community. What a great addition to Southern Lehigh. This site provided an opportunity for debating/discussing/exposing the warts and strengths of our candidates. This is a key to democracy. Political fliers have an exaggerated influence unless there is an avenue to expose the rhetoric or confirm the claims. UpperSacon.Patch.com made this election one where issues were examined sometimes with heated and angry emotions. In the end, one can say that this site helped by providing a venue for deciding who was best for the community. Great job! Then to provide results faster than the county site. Elizabeth, how do you do it? Thanks, you made democracy work in Lower Milford and throughout Southern Lehigh.


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