Police Will Survey Parking in Eastern Salisbury

Salisbury Township residents complain about parking along Lehigh Avenue and Byfield Street, prompting police survey of problem.

Responding to concerns about parking along narrow, congested streets in eastern Salisbury Township, recently authorized township police to conduct a systematic survey to identify problem areas and possibly prohibit parking in some areas.

Chief Allen W. Stiles said the survey aims to improve emergency access so ambulances and fire trucks can reach homes if necessary. He also hopes to i in winter.

“The streets are narrow and there are a lot more cars on the streets than ever before,” Stiles told commissioners at their May 25 board meeting. Parking on both sides of some streets could be hazardous, he said.

“We will have to have to pick the best places to have no parking. We are going to try to be as fair as possible but our main concern is safety,” said Stiles.

Senior Patrol Officer Bryan Losagio, who is the traffic safety coordinator, will collect information for the survey at different times of day. The survey is expected to be completed by October. After the police department makes proposals to commissioners, the public will have a chance to comment on proposed parking changes at a public meeting, in writing or online. 

In response to parking complaints from residents along Byfield Street and Lehigh Avenue off Susquehanna Street, designating one side of the street a “no parking” zone would be premature, officials decided.

“We are trying to do this in a systematic way,” said Township Manager Randy Soriano.

The parking survey will concentrate on about 30 streets in the township’s east side, where streets are older and more congested. In western Salisbury, streets are wider, homes are farther apart and most have garages or driveways for off-street parking.

Carl W May 29, 2012 at 01:35 PM
The true tragedy? Thank God for all of us who fought tto spare the natural land formerly owned by the school adminsitration. I look at Western Salisbury, where I once 'lived & breathed to to been a firefighter,' and I see formerly beautiful lands stuffed with a lot of boring homes. (Is it not too late to reclaim the undestroyed land along Lehigh St, just west of "Subway" & "U.P.S?" Where we used to see a field of green corn, we now see a lot of cheaply built homes & businesses, just like where nature once stood beautifully, the far other end of the district, paralell to Allentown's Elm St. "Take paradise....put up a parking lot" -- was that Joni Michell, 60's-70's ? "Where do the children play?" -- Cat Stevens, 70's Small wonder, they're all on elctronic devices, rather than excercise in former nature.
useyourcommonsense May 29, 2012 at 04:35 PM
Its about time this gets looked into. Its ridiculous when a homeowner is threatened to have the mail delivery suspended because someone else's car is blocking your mailbox.


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