Salisbury Resident Appeals Shade Tree Ordinance

A Salisbury Township resident said having to replace a shade tree would cause her sidewalk on College Lane to buckle again.

Many Salisbury residents might not know the township has a shade tree ordinance, but the eight-page document says trees in the public right-of-way are the responsibility of adjacent property owners.

After removing a dead tree from the public right-of way in front of her house in the 900 block of College Lane, Annabelle Dittbrenner recently appealed the part of the ordinance that requires residents to replace shade trees if they are taken down.

Commissioners reviewed conditions and agreed with her.

Dittbrenner told commissioners at their May 25 meeting she did not want to replace the tree. Over the years, its roots grew into her lawn and had caused her sidewalk to buckle.

“I didn’t know about this ordinance and I do not wish to plant another tree. I don’t have the time, the inclination nor the wish to take care of another tree,” Dittbrenner said. She said she has five other trees on her property.

Alessandro “Sandy” Nicolo, assistant zoning officer, said he has been enforcing the ordinance because many had been removed.

After reviewing photos of Dittbrenner’s property, commissioners noted that a mature tree in her front yard might conflict with another tree planted along the curb. Nicolo also said roots from a new tree growing into a gas line and a water line in the area might cause a problem.

Commissioners said conditions had changed since the street’s 1965 subdivision plan, and it appeared that there wasn’t enough room to plant a new tree between the sidewalk and curb adjacent to Dittbrenner’s lawn.

tamarya May 30, 2012 at 01:28 PM
Too me it is your property, if you want to take your tree down then take it down. They grow into powerlines, up here in longswamp you have tree branches all over the road you have to be swerving around. If the townships want trees up then they need to take care of them. I understand animals need trees to live, but heck they have a whole city up in this area. Thats probably why every resident in this area suffered lyme at some point because of the ticks from the trees.
tamarya May 30, 2012 at 01:31 PM
And I know we are not talking about this township, but all areas are the same. If they want to spray them with insectides, keep them trimmed so they stay out of powerlines and roadways, and if the townships want to keep the leaves and do all the fall clean up from them then the township can tell you put another tree up.


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