Winter Parking Could Be Restricted on East Side

Snow plows, emergency crews and public works department trucks have difficulty driving through many congested, narrow streets in Eastern Salisbury.

Residents who live in the warren of congested, narrow streets in Eastern Salisbury Township made worse during snow storms may soon have to comply with new parking restrictions in winter.

Salisbury Township Police Chief Alan Stiles and Public Works Department Director John Andreas are considering up to 14 options for zones with limited or no parking and changes to the snow emergency ordinance.

Stiles said numerous narrow streets on the east side become impassable for fire trucks, snow plows and public works department trucks when it snows.

"These are hazardous conditions we wanted to eliminate or alleviate," Stiles told the board of commissioners at a recent workshop.

"Especially in a winter storm. It's difficult to get in a large fire truck," he said.

Stiles said some streets could have parking limited to one side "so we can get easy in and easy out."

Stiles presented his list of recommended zones to the commissioners, which were not made public.

"Eventually we'll have input from the public," he said.

But, he added, "peope won't be happy."

Township Manager Randy Soriano wanted to know how they defined what a narrow street is.

"People will want to know why we picked their street. We'd better justify it," said Commissioner Robert Martucci.

Township Engineer Dave Tettemer said the standard varies on the circumstances, such as whether there are townhouse on the road, short driveways, setback lengths and parking.

He said most of the streets on the east side are old and don't meet specifications for current road construction of 30-foot wide streets.

"Anything less is considered narrow and most of those roads are less," Tettemer said.





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