Arts Academy Evacuated After Gas Odor Detected

The Arts Academy Charter School in Salisbury was evacuated around 7:30 a.m. Friday after a gas odor was detected, school officials said.

The Arts Academy Charter School was evacuated around 7:30 a.m. Friday after a gas odor was detected, a school official said.

Students returned to the school about an hour later after UGI workers and Eastern Salisbury Fire Department determined it was safe, said Principal Jan Labellarte.

About 80 students who were in the building at the time were sent to wait outside in the parking lot. Others, who had just arrived at the school, waited inside parents' cars.

Labellarte praised Salisbury High School's help during the evacuation. "They were a wonderful help. They sent a few buses and brought our students who waiting in the cold to the high school gym," she said. "We were very kindly welcomed by staff and Superintendent Michael Roth."

The charter school students were returned to their school on E. Emmaus Avenue within the hour.

And, Labellarte added, much to the students' relief, tonight's vocal concert will go on.


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