Congrats, Salisbury Junior Academy of Science Winners!

36 Salisbury students win first-place awards in Pa. Junior Academy of Science

The Region 3 competition for Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science was held at Easton High School on Saturday, February 23, 2013.

The seventh and eighth grade students were coached by Megan Basile, who also serves as the regional judging coordinator for Region 3. 

The ninth through eleventh grade students were coached by Ruth Smith, who also assigns judges for the regional competition.

Both Paul Koba and Susan Wilson,high school science teachers, served as judges for the regional competition.

First-place award winners will present their projects at Penn State University at the State PJAS Competition in May.

The following Salisbury students received awards:

Grade 7:

First Place Awards                                                                                       

  • Elena Lagunilla                                                                       

Second Place Awards

  • Ruby Weiner
  • Margaux Petruska
  • Alex Cudd        

Third Place Awards

  • Skylar Slough                                                       

Grade 8:

First Place Awards                                                                                            

  • John Yurconic                                                         
  • Mahlon Reihman                                                 
  • Marisol Rosario                                                                      
  • Benjamin Wiener
  • Arthur Oliver
  • Nikki Fackler
  • Leandra Roelker
  • Haley Szita
  • Eric Pennella
  • Christina Marinos

Second Place Awards

  • Brooke Rogers
  • Jacob Glenister
  • Rania Nimeh

Grade 9:

First Place Awards                                                

  • Lindsay Bauer                                                                          
  • Carolyn Boulay                                                                        
  • Kierra Burda                                                            
  • Rachel Costantini                                                
  • Matthew Fainor                                                                      
  • Ryan Fainor                                                              
  • Abby Garrigan                                                        
  • Allura Kistler                                                           
  • Sophie Niesenbaum
  • Samantha Perkins
  • Jessica Safi
  • Casey Weidenhammer (Perfect Score)

Second Place Awards

  • Emily Batman 
  • Chau Do
  • Zachary Karounos
  • Kevin Esslinger
  • Olivia King
  • Alex Nicholas
  • Chrystina Obleschuk
  • Christopher Trenge

Third Place Awards

  • Kaleigh Bobeck 

Grade 10:

First Place Awards                                                                  

  • Samuel DeFrank                                                   
  • Hannah Kahn
  • Kyra Lagunilla
  • Makenna Lenover           
  • Hali Letlow
  • Peter Manakos
  • Gabby Maramag
  • Hannah Marze
  • Michael Palmer
  • Meghan Williams (Perfect Score)

Second Place Awards

  • Mackenzie Groff 

Grade 11:

First Place Awards                                                

  • Michelle Dang
  • Kelly Garrigan
  • Alyssa Sipos


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