Salisbury Plans to Present 2013-2014 Budget in January

Salisbury Business Administrator Robert Bruchak plans to present budget early so board can 'see what the challenges are.'

Salisbury Township School District Business Administrator Robert Bruchak wants to present the 2013-2014 budget on a series of early deadlines, beginning with the preliminary budget in early January.

"I want the board to see the numbers, to see what the challenges are," Bruchak told the board at its Wednesday night operations committee meeting.

Bruchak said the Act I index has been issued and he is putting together a budget timeline. The state requires the preliminary budget to be presented 90 days before the May elections.

The May primary "buys us more time" this year, Bruchak said. The April primaries this year cut short the amount of time available the board had to craft the 2012-2013 budget.

Bruchak said he will plan an early deadline of Feb. 6 for the board to pass the preliminary budget, although it has until Feb. 20; a May 15 deadline to pass the proposed final budget, although it has until May 30, and a June 19 deadline to pass the final budget, although it has until June 30.


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