Salisbury School Board Gets First Look at 2013-14 Budget

There's a potential $1.2 million gap in Salisbury Township School District's $31 million budget.

A preliminary look at the Salisbury Township School District's 2013-2014 budget shows a potential $1.2 million gap between revenue and expenses in a $31 million spending plan without a tax increase.

Business Administrator Robert Bruchak presented the school board's operations committee last week with an early look at the budget, which has not been formally presented. The preliminary budget will be presented Jan. 30.

Revenues are projected to be $30.7 million and expenses are projected to be $31.9 million.

Bruchak said the budget figures are expected to change, particularly as assessment appeals are settled, some bonds are refinanced and Gov. Corbett presents his budget on Feb. 5.

Bruchak said local revenue is expected to increase by $100,000 to $24.7 million, state revenue is projected to be $5.7 million, an increase of 6 percent, and federal revenue is projected at $271,994, a 5 percent decrease.

Expenses of $31.9 million includes a sizable increase in teachers retirement benefits -- the Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement System, known as PSERS -- of $945,000, and an increase in salaries.

"We are a labor-intense industry," Bruchak said.

The board will decide at its meeting on Jan. 23 whether to stay within the 1.7 percent Act I index, which would mean it loses the option of exercising exceptions.

The board will vote on the preliminary budget Feb. 13.


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