Salisbury School Year to End Later, Possibly Start Earlier

Salisbury school year to end June 18 to correct calculation error, but earlier start being considered for next year.

Salisbury Township School District students could start their next year, changing the traditional sunset on summer from the long holiday weekend -- one that many other area school districts have already relinquished.

The start date for the 2012-13 school year is one of two calendar changes in the works for Salisbury staff and students.

On Wednesday, the school board voted to push back by five days the last day of school in the Salisbury Township School District this year due to a calculation error.

The 2011-12 academic calendar was revised to make June 18 the last day of school if all five snow days are used. It was originally June 12.

Assistant Superintendent Louise Beauchemin said the calendar had to be changed to meet the state requirement for 180 school days.

At the school board's curriculum meeting later this month, board members will discuss bringing students back to school on Monday, Aug. 27. Labor Day is Sept. 3.

Beauchemin said she surveyed area school districts and found that all five Carbon County school districts, five Northampton County school districts and two Lehigh County school districts have already approved a pre-Labor Day start date for next year. Saucon Valley is the only Northampton County school district that has not. Seven other Lehigh County districts are considering it, she said.

The change, which would not be voted on until the board's November regular meeting, would give students a four-day week for their first week back with Friday, Aug. 31 off to maintain a long Labor Day weekend.

The school board's curriculum committee meeting, where the calendar change will be discussed, will be held at 7 p.m. Oct. 31 in the administration building.

Salisbury Resident October 17, 2011 at 04:44 PM
On Sept 28, 2011, I posted the following comment: Now, lets not get too happy about this change. Aside from the impact to families and school curriculum changes, I seriously doubt the school year will end any earlier than it has in past few years. The way snow days, school cancellations and days off are granted, students will be going to school through to the end of June. Why not just propose an all year school year? I should play the lottery. Again, why not just propose an all year school year? The summer vacation will be effectively reduced by 2 weeks to a total of 10 weeks. Arguably not enough time for summer courses...oh that's right...they can be taken on-line now, so teachers don't really need a 10 week summer vacation, do they (in addition to the other holidays they already get)? 10 weeks is more than enough. If structured properly, the 10 weeks can be taken around the holidays throughout the calendar year. Full year school year has my vote.
care for FALCONS November 22, 2011 at 01:05 AM
lets look more into this block scheduling at the highschool that took place this year and many students are struggling with such a drastic change to the learning enviorment ive spoken with a bunch of parents with alot of student failing at least at least 2main classes!!


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