Salisbury Schools Consider Energy Saving Projects

Three companies presented plans that could save Salisbury Township School District substantial energy saving costs.

The is considering three proposals that could cost more than $2.1 million to upgrade buildings in the district, but provide up to $157,00 on energy costs in the first year.

Director of Finance Christine Stafford said the project would pay for itself due to interest accrued on the money saved.

Stafford said if the board decides to proceed with one of the projects, they would need to pare down the cost to $2 million or less. Stafford cautioned the committee that reducing a project to $1 million would not be cost effective because it would not save enough on energy costs.

Representatives from Honeywell, McClure Company and Pepco Energy Service presented their plans to the board's April 2 operations committee meeting.

  • Honeywell’s presentation was the most extensive plan and listed details such as the installation of ceiling fans and insulated pipes.
  • McClure Company representatives said their entire project could be completed by the end of August.
  • Pepco Energy Service presented a plan that could be tailored according to what the district wants. Prices varied by upgrades.
  • Each company included new lighting in their plans to maximize savings for the district.

School Board President Russell Giordano said later he wants to know if every aspect of the proposals are essential "must do's and saving us money."

The committee decided to designate board members to a special subcommittee that will decide if they want to green light one of the projects. The decision will be revealed at the subcommittee's April 16 meeting and voted on at the April 18 school board meeting.


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