Salisbury Loses Seasoned Administrators, Teacher and Coach

Salisbury Assistant Superintendent Louise Beauchemin and Business Administrator Christine Stafford will retire this year.

will lose two administrators and a veteran teacher to retirement this year.

Assistant Superintendent Louise Beauchemin and Business Administrator Christine Stafford will retire later this year.

"I don't know how we replace either of these ladies, but all I can say on behalf of this board is, you deserve this retirement," Giordano said in a voice choked with emotion at a board meeting earlier this month. "And if there is anything we can do to keep either of you in your positions for at least another year, I am all ears. Come talk to us. We have a terrific management team here and we are losing a significant part of it."

Beauchemin served 32 years in public education. Prior to becoming assistant superintendent in 2004, she was principal of Harry S Truman Elementary for five years. She previously worked in the Allentown School District. 

Giordano said Beauchemin's last day on Oct. 12  "will be a sad day for us."

Stafford, who has 35 years in public education, has worked with the district for three years. She previously worked in Oley Valley School District. Stafford will retire July 31.

"We have truly been blessed in our district in my years here with very effective and competent business managers. Ms. Stafford not only captured our finances, she captured our unyielding trust and our hearts," Giordano said.

Salisbury High School teacher Rita Jean "RJ"  Stangherlin, who taught for 40 years in the district, retired earlier this year. When presenting Stangherlin with a plaque and a resolution, Beauchemin quoted Mother Teresa, who said of her own work, "There are no great things, there are only small things done with great love."

"We want you to know how deeply grateful we are for the small things with great love that you have done for our students and our families and your sharing with staff and administration," Beauchemin said.

Giordano held back tears when he announced that girls soccer coach Mark Allinson, will resign at the end of the spring season to coach the boys soccer team.

"For those of us who have daughters, that's a very tough one, too," he said, and then quipped, "I would like to sue the PIAA for changing soccer seasons for the girls... Talk about somebody who captured the hearts of the kids and the parents in a program. You'd have to go far and wide to find somebody like that."







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